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Get Millions of Users within minutes of Coding

Get your DApps the audience it deserves in
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Success by Design

NEARamp is a SDK you bank on, an
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carefully crafted features

Inbuilt Privacy

A priority, not an afterthought. Passphrases enhance
your privacy and keys remain private

Uncompromising Security

Robust inbuilt measures without getting in the way of your experience

Powerful Insights

A Dashboard with a bird's eye view of crucial metrics

Stellar UI/UX

Thoughtfully designed for a user experience that matters.

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The promise of Usability

Orchestrate an intuitive user wallet creation journey


Hear from what some of our customers would like to say about our product

Shubham Semwal

 It was an amazing experience working with the CryptoCapable team. With constant support and regular communication, we were able to solve the user onboarding process for UniqArt. The UI/UX is top-notch and the product works flawlessly. I’d highly recommend Gautam and his team for everyone looking to add value to their project.